Srinivas Chillara

B. Tech IIT Kharagpur, M.Sc Reading University, UK

Data Analytics and Scrum Expert. Drives execution and enables evidence based decision making. Over two decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Srinivas had taken up assignments with Nokia, NSE, IONA, Oracle and many more companies and has worked in India, UK and Ireland, trained units in India, Europe, Thailand and USA. He has track record of high impact results over the last decade.

Anand Kumar Keshavan

B. Com Delhi University

Systems architect and compiler expert. Wields computer science to attack complex problems. Led serious GNU compiler development effort. Three decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Worked with organisations such as Renesas, Hitachi, Ruksan, ThoughtWorks, in India, UK, USA and Japan. Often made a crucial difference in both technical and managerial roles.

Nirmalya Sengupta

B. Sc Calcutta University

Expertise in server-side architecture, employing FSM, Event-based workflow, Actors and Functional Programming techniques. Worked in India and Ireland, building CORBA-based ORBS, Credit Card protocol handlers, MMoG, Telecom CDR processing, including a handful of other areas, all characterized by high-throughput/low-latency behaviour.


BES Madras University

Creator, instigator, perplexer and ultimately resolver. A jack of all software programming decks and master of many, Ragha has pulled out rabbits from hats on more than one occasion. Languages, platforms are usually not limitations for him, but stepping stones.

Rohit Bhalunkar

BE Electronics Pune University, MBA SIMS Pune

Rohit Bhalunkar is a Consultant in B2B Sales, Marketing Strategies, Tactical Planning for Lead Generation and B2B Strategic Account Management. He has an experience of 20 years in executing software projects. He likes to build Tools & work on Platforms for Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Experience Management. He is also known for growing existing business through Strategic Account Management.


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