Application Ecosystem: BBB
Digital Marketing and content improvement

Western European Client (Publishing and education domain: Primary to higher secondary schools, potentially colleges)

Every book and the major edition is a programme. We developed a network of mini-applications around BookList management.
BBB’s aim is to gain a 360 view of how a programme interacted with various stakeholders, from book distribution, students, parents, reviewers, teachers and even school administrators (an important springboard to collect data is BookLists for schools but much of this is standard).

Salient features:

  1. Text recognition (natural language processing)
  2. Web crawlers and analysers
  3. Analysis of competitive book and gaps in auxiliary content (data analytics including MBA, demand forecasting)
  4. Feedback gathering via WhatsApp integration and Amazon reviewsThis DT/DA initiative involved cloud and data analytic solutions, for which various parts had to handcraft.

SwanSpeed’s special contribution:

SwanSpeed provided some ideas for the application features, with advice on what is possible to achieve with the latest technology within budget limits. Of course we took care of GDPR.