Digital Transformation & Data Analytics

Make truly informed business decisions / Flying blind?

We define your digital strategy, starting with assessments, and chart the way forward. We help you with implementation (especially the data analytics aspects) through either ourselves or your preferred partners.

SMAC stack’s A is the trickiest and possibly the most crucial, and this is where we bring in true expertise. While data analytics is full of promise, it can also imperil your journey by misguiding decisions; SwanSpeed will ensure smooth sailing.  Also Digital Analytics projects are consultative and iterative in nature. So the engagement model here is T&M with a ‘success fee’. We have implementation partners where we take full responsibility.
*In case you have other partners, we can provide a framework which controls delivery.

While culture is key to have the digital transformation strategy be effective, it still needs to be implemented.

How would the Outcome look like?

Customers experience would be enhanced, along with an increase in customer loyalty. The end-to-end processes transformed would be fast and cost-effective. The manual processes which are digitalized would be able to collect data and stored (mined) automatically so that can be processed and analyzed continuously to further enhance the performance.

The end result would offer an integrated working system which is ever improving decisions for all the stakeholders (You, Your customers and vendors), eventually improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

We have tie-ups with a unit of India Statistical Institute and other partners to access a wide swath of complementary expertise.

See our DA case studies covering descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Analyses in Swanspeed stable:

  • Descriptive
  • Central tendency and range analysis
  • Co-relation and scatter plots
  • Outlier detection

Predictive analytics (Selected Expertise)

  • Time Series and forecasting
  • Regression
  • Similarity analysis
  • Clustering

Text Analytics